National Monthly Prayer for the Next Generation

These prayer meetings are an outgrowth of a couple of dreams our rabbi, David Otero, had and we are faithfully implementing what we feel the Lord would have the Body of Messiah do in this time and season. We are leading a national call to prayer for the next generation of Messianic youth!

It is a privilege to partner with you and congregations all across our great nation to shake earth and heaven on behalf of our young people. May the Lord give us all hatzlacha rabba (great success) in Messiah Yeshua! If you would like to get involved contact Kim at to be added to the prayer list or join us on Zoom every second Tuesday of the month 8pm (EST).

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The Dream!

My name is Rabbi David Otero. My wife and I run Tzur Yisrael (Rock of Israel) Messianic Congregation in Georgia. I’d like to tell you about two reoccurring dreams I had, one in 2020 and the other about six to eight months later in 2021. I didn’t understand their importance at the time, but God had a plan to birth intercession.

In the first dream, I saw a blue and white playground. There was a large rock opposite the play tower. The play tower was very tall, with a rocket ship frame. I came out to the playground and stood on the rock. The atmosphere felt like I was within a theme park, but the place was empty. I essentially stood as an observer, to observe everything present.

In the second dream, the place was active. The children were playing in the playground and in the play tower. I stood on the rock and went down past the rock to begin ascending the play tower. I made my way to the top of the play tower and looked out over the landscape before me. I was now alone in the tower, observing below.

The dream wasn’t clear at the time, but I knew that God would make the interpretation known. Almost two years later, as my wife and I were deciding whether or not to visit the Ark Experience (the theme park with the replica of Noah’s ark), we looked at the website. There was an arial shot of this blue and white playground. Immediately recognized that this was the place from my dream! I exclaimed, “We are going!” We visited the Ark Experience on June 14, 2022, trusting that God was going to give me the interpretation of the dream.

In the first dream where there were no children, I understood that the place was ready, but the generation was not. In the second dream, the children were present, but the adults weren’t ready. It was our job to ascend the outpost or guard tower and stand watch, but where were the adults.

I knew that the rock I stood on was indicative of the Rock of Israel, our Messiah Yeshua. The tower was symbolized by the Tower of Refuge, all who run to it are safe. I understood that as I overlooked the children in the tower that the Lord wanted me to intercede for the protection of the next generation. We need to be shomrim (guards) of future generations by watching out for evils and perils and by showing them how to stand on the Rock and not be shaken. They too will one day need to ascend spiritually to intercede for the generation after them, but it is our job to do the work in this generation.

My wife and I prayed about how to implement this important work and the Zoom meetings for the next generation of Messianic youth was born. We look forward to partnering with you, and the delegates from your congregation, to pray for the protection, fruitfulness, and growth of the next generation in Messiah Yeshua.

For such a time as this,

Rabbi David Otero and Rabbanit Kim Otero